Senior Director- Support Services

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Senior Director- Support Services
International Non-Profit Organisation, New Delhi/ NCR

1. POSITION VACANT: Senior Director- Support Services, International Non-Profit Organisation, New Delhi/ NCR


Our client is a respected, International Non-profit Organization (INPO), registered in India, focused on ending poverty and social injustice through comprehensive programmes in the areas of health, education, livelihoods and disaster preparedness and response. 


Reporting to the CEO, the Senior Director- Support Services (SD-SS) shall be responsible for providing strategic leadership for the General Administration, Procurement, IT, Safety and Security functions, within the organization.

The post-holder shall ensure that support services are provided in an effective and cost-efficient manner. S/he shall also ensure that organization’s complies with contractual and statutory obligations relating to the role and shall be the primary contact point for legal advisors of the organization in respect of the admin function. The SD-SS is a key member of the leadership team.

Key Responsibilities:
Staff Management and Leadership
(1) Develop and lead an effective, cohesive and cost-efficient team, working in harmony with other cross-functional teams of the organization, to deliver timely results and support services;

(2) Ensure talent within the team is identified, nurtured and groomed to occupy leadership positions;
(3) Supervise, guide and develop direct reports to ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery.

(1) Ensure that robust systems are in place to handle high volume/ value procurements;
(2) Develop and operationalize ERP systems for procurement and drive its organization-wide implementation, through appropriate change management initiatives;
(3) Institute the highest level of process consistency across procurement teams, with emphasis on proper documentation;
(4) Streamline existing processes to meet with changing requirements, ensuring high quality and transparency;
(5) Provide good stewardship of the organization’s resources and funds;
(6) Establish networks with other agencies to access credible and high-performing vendors;
(7) Ensure integrity in procurement and implementing systems, so as to provide projects with the high quality of goods and services needed, to fulfill their objectives;
(8) Provide overall management of contracts, sub-contracts, consultancy contracts, service agreements and Purchase Orders;
(9) Negotiate contracts/ long term arrangements with vendors, encompassing costing, statements of work, terms and conditions, etc.;
(10) Conduct training of procurement team leads for achieving project deliverables;
(11) Develop and institute models that increase efficiency and reach of services;
(12) Lead the development and modification of procurement policies and procedures in alignment with business and process efficiency;
(13) Identify platforms for the centralized procurement of items that are high value and high volume in nature;
(14) Build a network of vendors including rosters of expert consultants offering best value products and services to the organization;
(15) Regularly review timelines for the procurement of services /goods, ensuring efficiency in servicing projects and/or internal clients. Also institute systems for eliminating sole sourcing to ensure fairness in vendor selection;
(16) Provide technical assistance on procurement and supply chain management to ensure efficient delivery mechanisms;
(17) Develop pricing contracts/ master agreements for products and services that are routine in nature;
(18) Provide advice to the mission management team on best buying practices;
(19) Facilitate sourcing and management of high-profile consultants for the implementation of large-scale projects;
(20) Explore modalities like E-Procurement, third party service delivery, etc. for improving service efficiency and compliances.

General Administration
(1) Provide guidance and direction to Program Units/ Sector Directors on Administrative, Legal and Commercial matters;
(2) Ensure office environment and general administrative services, appropriately support projects and provide a pleasant and efficient work culture;
(3) Ensure documentation and understanding of organization’s administrative policies and procedures in areas such as Property, Vehicle Administration, Safety & Security, General Administration, etc.;
(4) Oversee that safety measures instituted against fire, theft etc. are in place and functional, to ensure the safety of organization’s premises, property and staff;
(5) Help create systems that enhance the efficiency of field level administration;
(6) Provide one-stop service solutions for various administrative requirements of the organization with speed and quality;
(7) Ensure the delivery of efficient and effective administrative services, encompassing legal services, office operations, housekeeping, security and guest services.

Asset Management
(1) Ensure sound control, full compliance, best practices and effective and efficient management of all assets of the organization;
(2) Rationalize overall requirement of assets by the organization to enhance viability;
(3) Provide cost efficient assets to employees and manage their life cycles for best use;
(4) Create and implement plans and policies to reduce and manage risks relating to assets;
(5) Institute a culture of procedural discipline among staff to minimize risks relating to assets.

Safety & Security Management
(1) Support and standardize a professional approach to safety and security of staff within the organization’s operations;
(2) Establish and monitor compliance with safety and security standards within the organization;
(3) Promote best practices and knowledge sharing on safety and security management;
(4) Promote and support accountability among all staff in respect of safety and security;
(5) Implement donor policies, practices, and ensure investments that improve safety and security of staff in the field.

Legal Services
(1) Actively pursue legal cases in consultation with the legal advisor(s);
(2) Facilitate appropriate legal notices and court summons;
(3) Manage legal counsels and review their performance at regular intervals;
(4) Vet legal and contractual documents and offer guidance to ensure protection of the organization’s interests;
(5) Coordinate with external legal experts to ensure regulatory/ statutory compliances;
(6) Develop adequate documentation of MOU’s, Agreements, Letters of Contract with NGO partners and other external agencies, including Government, Corporate and Academic Institutions.

Disaster Management
(1) Respond to all Disasters and/or Emergencies in accordance with prescribed Emergency Protocols;
(2) Ensure pre-positioning of materials for immediate response during emergency operations;
(3) Lead emergency operations, appropriately handing large-scale response;
(4) Develop SOPs to ensure efficiency of support services functions during emergencies.



Master’s Degree preferably in Business Administration and Supply Chain Management

(1) Minimum 15-20 years’ experience of managing administration, IT and procurement service for a complex organization;
(2) Should have experience in designing and implementing ERP systems for procurement for driving highest level of standardization in procurement function;
(3) Should have extensive experience in leading administration, procurement and related operations in a decentralized arrangement;
(4) Experience of managing administration and procurement service for an NGO with pan India operations shall be preferred.

Skills and Competencies
(1) Business Strategy: Envisaging a new IT Department’s role as a global service provider and the creation of appropriate strategies for the same;
(2) Change Management: Understanding the tools of change and resistances to change; Implement changes in Administration, Procurement, and IT to enable the organization to transform effectively; Extensive knowledge of ERP implementation at the organizational level;
(3) Team Management: Working with internal groups and synergize their strengths to enable successful organizational transformation;
(4) Planning and Organization Skills: Capable of foreseeing requirements of the organization and procuring required resources; Understand how Support Services can provide required assistance to the organization to meet constantly changing needs;
(5) Techno-commercially savvy to lead the administration department;
(6) Commitment to Value-based Practices: Respect for integrity, commitment, excellence and diversity;
(7) Experience of leading change;
(8) Ability to work with others to achieve results;
(9) Ability to network with other professionals within India and externally with institutions including Government and International Agencies;
(10) Ability to assimilate and analyse information quickly and link to good practices;
(11) Ability to negotiate and influence at all levels;
(12) Excellent staff management skills, with the ability to lead, motivate and bring diverse teams together.


The gross remuneration budgeted for the position is attractive and shall be commensurate with the qualifications, experience, and salary history of the selected candidate.




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New Friends Colony, New Delhi 110 025
Phone Nos.: 2684 2162; 4165 3612


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