Monitoring Evaluation & Documentation Consultant

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Monitoring Evaluation & Documentation Consultant, Social Empowerment of Women Through The Women Self-Help Groups of Mission Shakti In Odisha

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Odisha

1. POSITION(S) VACANT: Monitoring Evaluation & Documentation Consultant, Social Empowerment of Women through the Women Self-Help Groups of Mission Shakti in Odisha, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Odisha

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), formerly the United Nations Fund for Population Activities, is a UN organization working for reproductive rights for all and supports access to a wide range of sexual and reproductive health services, including voluntary family planning, maternal health care and comprehensive sexuality education.



Originating as the flagship programme of the Odisha State government to empower women through Women Self Help Groups (WSHGs), Mission Shakti has evolved and now is a separate Department of Government of Odisha. The Mission Shakti Department endeavors to empower 70 lakh women organized into 6 lakh Self Help Groups through facilitating credit-market linkages for economic and financial empowerment of women.


Mission Shakti (MS) has created opportunities for WSHGs for better income generation in convergence with different government departments for provisioning of services, procurement of goods and to scale up financial inclusion initiatives thus giving an impetus to economic strengthening and paving way for transformative change in women’s empowerment in Odisha.  The WSHGs have played a pivotal role in creating awareness on social issues, supporting the communities in disaster preparedness and response including in the COVID-19 response. The WSHGs have emerged as a powerful platform for the government to reach out to communities and households even in the most remote locations of the state. 


UNFPA is partnering with Department of Mission Shakti to carry forward the unique initiative of empowerment of women through WSHGs through building in and developing capacities of women on Digital and Financial Literacy as well as on important aspects of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and on Gender based Violence. The overall goal of the project is to empower Women Self Help Group (WSHG) members in Odisha over a period of three years through:

(1) Digital & Financial Literacy (28 Districts; ~600,000 women)

(2) Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights, Gender based Violence (30 Districts; ~300,000 women)

(3) Collaboration/Partnerships through Knowledge Management and SSTC.




Based at the Project Management Unit (PMU) of Mission Shakti at Bhubaneshwar (Odisha), the M&E and Documentation Consultant will provide substantial monitoring, evaluation and documentation support, including setting up of Management Information System for the the project, namely “Social Empowerment of Women Self Help Groups of Mission Shakti” ensuring that the project has well defined and robust MIS based analytical M&E framework. He/She will be a part of a team of technical experts of Project Management Unit (PMU) at Mission Shakti, and will be responsible for developing M&E framework, Project MIS, generating high quality analytical reports and documenting project progress.

The consultant shall work under the overall guidance of the designated official at Mission Shakti and/or Project Manager.

 Key Job Responsibilities.

(A) Monitoring, Evaluation & Documentation

(1) Define and establish the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the project, with regard to the following key aspect (a) What needs to be measured? (b) What is the most appropriate source of information that needs to be collected? (c) How to collect the information and how often? (d) How to store and analyze data?;

(2) Develop recording and reporting indicators/formats and define the reporting units;

(3) Develop technology enabled MIS system, dashboards etc for the project

(4) Undertake regular capacity building and training of staff/officials (recording/reporting level) on M & E framework;

(5) Identify sources of verification that the projects can use leveraging existing data sources embedded in existing systems;

(6) Establish an operational manual of M&E system that includes the above and guides the project team in processing and evaluating the information;

(7) Prepare detailed monthly analytical reports on the progress of projects, detailing out key processes, lessons learnt and key risks;

(8) Identify other areas for process documentation and undertake documentation capturing short stories, impact factors;

(9) Identify other important areas of documentation and help office in addressing those needs;

(10) To develop reporting formats and support project in developing website/page for the sharing information on physical and financial progress;

(11) To prepare quarterly progress report for the projects based on the reports submitted by implementing partners for submission to donor;

(12) To prepare annual progress report for all the projects for submission to donor.

(B) Research & Data Analysis

(1) Using state-of-the -art tools, review multiple relevant data sources and synthesize evidence from data and research to support policy dialogues; drafts briefing notes; contributes to development of communications and advocacy materials;

(2) Share and support project with data and analysis for advocacy and programming;

(3) Generate innovative ideas and solutions to improve the collection and analysis of data;

(4) Contribute to guidance on improving data collection systems, including surveys and evaluations, and their use in development planning.

(C) Knowledge Management

(1) Work proactively to identify opportunities for capturing and sharing knowledge, and disseminating information about major progress and results;

(2) Develop and maintain an events calendar, ensuring that major events are identified early; support project team to develop and manage messages and information material to ensure the success of major events;

(3) Advise the project on branding and publications policy and also assist in their dissemination;

(4) Ensure that all outreach information material to be used by the media is written in a way that concepts and issues can be readily understood by the public;

(5) Support in generating video documentaries for capturing project results

(6) Prepare Factsheet/Case Studies on the project and its progress.


(D) Others:

(1) Carry out any other duties as may be required.



Applicant must have Master degree or equivalent in Statistics, Economics, social sciences, or other relevant field


(1) 2-3 years of relevant work experience;

(2) Previous experience on M&E, Documentation and KM in the field of development cooperation;

(3) Proven experience working with Government, civil society, international organizations and donors;

(4) Experience in the usage of computers and statistical software.

Skills and Competencies:

(1) Knowledge of the issues in the relevant area;

(2) Proven ability to draft, edit and produce results-focussed reports;

(3) Fluency in English; knowledge of Hindi is desirable.


The M&E Consultant shall be hired on a consultancy contract through Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd. (SAMS), a respected HR Agency.


The consolidated remuneration for the position ranges between Rs. 70,000 – 80,000 per month and will commensurate with experience and salary history of the candidate.

7. LOCATION: Bhubaneswar, Odisha

8. DURATION: The successful candidate shall be issued an initial consultancy contract till December 31, 2022, extendable for further period subject to satisfactory performance.



Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd.
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New Friends Colony, New Delhi 110 025
Phone Nos.: 011- 2684 2162; 4165 3612 


Eligible candidates interested in the position are requested to apply using the link, by or before June 9, 2022.