Director- Concurrent Monitoring & Learning

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Anticipated Vacancy for Director- Concurrent Monitoring &
Learning, India Partnership for Early Learning (IPEL) Project with
International Non-Profit Organisation, New Delhi or Patna or Ranchi

1. JOB TITLE: Director- Concurrent Monitoring & Learning, New Delhi, or Patna, or Ranchi


Strategic Alliance Management Services P. Ltd. (SAMS) is one of India’s best respected HR and Recruitment Consultancies, exclusively focused on servicing the Public Health, Development and CSR sectors. Established in 1995, SAMS’ roster of clients includes practically all premier, bi and multi-laterals, INGOs and NGOs in the above sectors, across the country.

Funded by USAID, the India Partnership for Early Learning (IPEL) Project seeks to improve early learning outcomes from pre-school to class 2, through a system-strengthening approach in partnership with multiple stakeholders, in both public and low-cost/ no-cost private schools, in selected NITI Aayog “aspirational” as well as other districts, in two to three states, across India. The project will support state governments and institutions by increasing their capacity to leverage and coordinate financial, human, and material resources, to implement evidence-based service delivery in foundational learning, such that the percentage of students attaining minimum proficiency in reading, math, cognitive, and social and emotional domains, steadily increases.

SAMS is urgently inviting Expressions of Interest (EOI) from appropriately qualified and experienced candidates, with experience of leading development and operationalization of concurrent monitoring and learning frameworks, of USAID and/or other international donor-funded projects, anticipating award of the above upcoming project, to our Client.

The Director- Concurrent Monitoring & Learning, (DCML) shall be responsible for the following:

Key Responsibilities:
(1) Oversee the development of complexity-aware monitoring approaches, as well as good practices, in collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA), to ensure adaptive programming that responds to changing circumstances, new knowledge, and new evidence;
(2) Set a learning agenda after identifying knowledge gaps, articulating learning questions and actions required to answer learning questions and developing meaningful indicators to measure key results;
(3) Plan for the dissemination of findings to appropriate stakeholders to ensure success, sustainability and scalability of the initiative;
(4) Oversee the completion of all Technical M&E, Research and Learning requirements, including the monitoring of project results and deliverables, in accordance with the project work plan;
(5) Conceptualize relevant studies and finalize tools to meet the data requirements of internal and external stakeholders and provide future directions to the program;
(6) Formulate scientifically valid and operationally feasible study designs for the different studies undertaken by the Concurrent Monitoring & Learning (CML) team;
(7) Lead the overall analysis of data collected in various studies and plan advanced analysis herself/ himself;
(8) Identify crucial and programmatically relevant findings from analysed results and devise appropriate mechanisms for the dissemination of results;
(9) Plan and prepare relevant scientific manuscripts (based on study findings), suitable for publication in international, peer-reviewed journals of repute;
(10) Ensure the capacity building of Technical Specialists, Technical Associates (Foundational Learning) and other team members;
(11) Spearhead the capacity building of the program team and Government counterparts in the areas of data use and data-driven decision making;
(12) Build the capacity of MLE team members regarding foundational learning, assessment, reporting, MIS development and the use of analytical software packages. Also, on qualitative studies and analyses of their findings;
(13) Provide inputs to the Program Team in design, collection, analysis and the use of program related data.


Qualifications an Experience:
(1) Applicants must possess a Masters’ or Advanced Degree in Research Methods, (or other relevant discipline), or Ph. D. in Education;

(2) Minimum 15 years’ experience in Educational Research, of which 10 years must comprise of senior-level experience in developing and implementing MEL frameworks for donor-funded programs;
(3) Prior exposure to engaging in monitoring and evaluation of USAID-funded programs is essential;
(4) At least 10 original, research article publications, in peer-reviewed international journals of repute;
(5) Previous experience and engagement with the culture and context of Bihar and Jharkhand is essential;
(6) Experience in recruiting, developing, and managing MEL teams at the state and district levels, across two states shall be preferred.

Required Skills:
(1) Well-aware of latest principles in MEL, including complexity-aware monitoring mechanisms, as well as good practices in collaborating, learning and adapting;

(2) Track record of strong commitment to sharing knowledge, documenting experiences, supporting creative initiatives, and sharing credit;
(3) Demonstrated commitment to principles of Gender Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, as evidenced in previous positions and programming. Demonstrated commitment to PSEAH (Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Harassment);
(4) Strong oral and written communication skills;
(5) Excellent and demonstrated interpersonal and negotiation skills.

Gross annual remuneration budgeted for the position is attractive. Offers shall be commensurate with the qualifications, experience and salary history, of the selected candidate.

7. LOCATION: New Delhi, or Patna, or Ranchi.



Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd.
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New Friends Colony, New Delhi 110 025
Phone Nos.: 011- 2684 2162; 4165 3612


Eligible candidates interested in the position are requested to urgently apply using the link

Please note that we are soliciting applications on behalf of our Client for the team being assembled for their bid submission for the project. Our Client expects all applicants expressing interest in supporting their bid submission, to be doing so exclusively and a confirmation of the same must be provided in the cover letter accompanying your application. In the event you are additionally supporting any other bid submission for the project, please disclose the same, so that our Client is able to take an informed decision about your further consideration.