School Guidance Counsellor, Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute of Fine Arts & Crafts, New Delhi

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School Guidance Counsellor
Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute of Fine Arts & Crafts, New Delhi


1. POSITION VACANT: School Guidance Counsellor, Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute of Fine Arts & Crafts, New Delhi.


Founded in 1964, Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute of Fine Arts & Crafts (SSMI), New Delhi, is a respected, value driven, non-profit, providing free primary and secondary education to children at a large school in Punjabi Bagh.

The Institute also imparts livelihood skills to young women in slums at a sophisticated production and design centre for garments and furnishings and free supplementary nutrition to more than 20,000 pregnant and lactating women and their children, on a daily basis.

SSMI’s vision and mission is to empower women and children to achieve their potential with dignity. It does so through research, promotion, provision of services and skill development, in the areas of education, health, nutrition, environment and livelihoods.

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Position Context:
Childhood is a developmental stage of life where children go through a myriad of emotions and societal/ peer pressure, frequently resulting in the development of negative feelings such as fear, stress, jealousy, mistrust and sometimes even mental health issues.

Children from the marginalized sections of society are particularly vulnerable and under tremendous pressure to meet societal and school expectations. Some of their problems have roots in the developmental process, others in the context of their present life, and yet others arise in their past development.

It is crucial to identify the root problem and extend timely support to impacted children, offering appropriate guidance and counselling, to enable them to deal with the crises they are facing and successfully start refocusing on their academic pursuits, instead.

With the advent of nuclear families and working parents, children are today unable to get the required support at home. At school too, teachers do not have the time to address psychological problems, as they are preoccupied with meeting stringent deadlines for completing the syllabus. This necessitates the need for a specialized resource person in the form of a School Guidance Counsellor, who would listen to the children, help them analyze their behavior objectively and provide them with effective solutions, to handle the complex feelings they are experiencing.

In this competitive era of technology and speed, it is also important to identify and develop each child’s core strength, to enable them to realize their full potential. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), has made it mandatary for every school to have a counselling service. Accordingly, the role of the School Guidance Counsellor at SSMI, shall not only be to facilitate the optimal developmental and academic accomplishments of students, but also to proactively take steps to prevent crises occurrence and extend remedial inputs to effected children, as well as the school.
SSMI has made disadvantaged children their priority and wishes to ensure their development as well-integrated and adjusted individuals. In the context of the above, SSMI is now establishing a School Guidance and Counselling Cell, to enable their students to face the challenges of the world, positively.

Key Job Responsibilities
(1) Provide individual counseling to help students resolve personal and interpersonal problems that may affect academics or relationships;
(2) Ability to identify learning difficulties and psychological concerns in children and provide early intervention in terms of referrals, recommendations and education to parents about mental health concerns;
(3) Help special needs students integrate into classrooms and oversee programs that address these special needs and learning difficulties;
(4) Help children improve their social skills;
(5) Develop skills in children to improve organization, study habits, and time management;
(6) Provide therapy and counseling to students in case of conflict with peers/ teachers/ parents;
(7) Help students identify interests, strengths, and aptitudes through assessment;
(8) Collaborate with parents, teachers, and administrators to ensure a student's academic, behavioral and social growth;
(9) Support school staff with classroom management techniques and development of programs to improve mental health.
(10) Conduct workshops to build capacities of teachers and associate NGO partners in Guidance and Counselling.


Master’s Degree in Applied, General or Clinical Psychology with Diploma in Guidance & Counseling.

(1) Minimum two years’ experience as a School Guidance Counsellor;
(2) Experience of working with children with special needs/ disabilities will be preferred.
(3) Retired Psychologists or Counsellors with a desire to contribute to society and work with under privileged children will be welcome.

Skills and Abilities
(1) Ability to understand and empathize with needs of students and parents;
(2) Sensitive towards Persons with Disability and willing to work with them;
(3) Confident and with ability to engage with students to nurture their emotional and social being and deal with related issues;
(4) Ability to offer individual as well as small group counseling;
(5) Ability to identify learning difficulties and psychological concerns in children and provide early intervention;
(6) Patient and resilient;
(7) Ability to identify students with special needs and create individualized plans;
(8) Able to clearly provide feedback to School Management/parents/ guardians/other professionals as necessary on students.


The School Guidance Counsellor shall be hired on a full-time employment basis by SSMI.


The selected candidate shall be paid a consolidated amount of Rs. 30,000 per month.

7. LOCATION: New Delhi.



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Phone Nos.: 011- 2684 2162; 4165 3612


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