Regional Child Survival Coordinator

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 11-Jun-20 23:59 HR
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Regional Child Survival Coordinator (Three Vacancies),
International Development Agency, (Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur) Madhya Pradesh


1. POSITION(S) VACANT: Regional Child Survival Coordinator (Three Vacancies), International Development Agency, (Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur) Madhya Pradesh


Our client is a respected, International Development Agency (IDA), that works across the globe to promote children's survival, protection and development.


Madhya Pradesh (MP) is the second largest Indian state in size with the target population around 2 million infants, around 2.2 million pregnant ladies. Though the full immunization coverage of the State has increased to 53.6% in NFHS 4 (2015-16), there are 27 districts in the State which have full immunization coverage below state average and amongst them 21 districts have < 50% coverage (NFHS 4). However, there are inter-district disparities in Full Immunization Coverage (FIC), with Raisen having highest coverage of 78.5% and Alirajpur having lowest coverage of 22.6%. Recently, GoI has announced Intensified Mission Indradhanush 2.0 which is a focused strategy to cover dropouts and left outs by ensuring a broad-based engagement of all stakeholders in the immunization program.

NFHS 4, reports that 95.6% of children suffering from diarrhea in Madhya Pradesh, received ORS/ORT/HAF but the data on use of Zn in diarrhea management is not available. With a high burden of malnutrition, highest IMR & high U5MR, promotion of use of ORS & Zn in diarrhea management is needed, to decrease morbidity and mortality due to diarrhea.

Currently as per SNCU MIS reports for 2019, only 11% of 96,713 SNCU admissions, were community referred & 39.6% female admissions, reflecting constrained progress. Further, more than 80% of the mothers of new-borns admitted at SNCUs, were married at less than 18 years of age, had less than 3 years birth spacing, had poor weight gain during pregnancy. Recently, Government of Madhya Pradesh (GoMP), has increased the focus on monitoring new-borns discharged from SNCUs, Home Based Young Child Care (HBYC), LaQshya, SAANS, SUMAN, IMNCI and F-IMNCI for management of childhood illnesses. GoMP also envisages, increased focus on maternal and child death reviews, including perinatal death reviews at facility and community level.

IDA provides technical support to the Government of MP, strengthen maternal, new-born, child health and routine immunization to NHM Madhya Pradesh, to strengthen facility based MNCH care, linkages with community-based care and strengthen Capacity Building Initiative for Routine Immunization (CBI RI) in select districts.  

As per IDA Country Program Action Plan (CPAP) and IDA AWP 2020, IDA has committed to the high focus districts of Bhopal, Barwani, Alirajpur, Jhabua, Shivpuri and Sheopur, for strengthening convergent interventions, in Madhya Pradesh. To support the government to strengthen above mentioned initiatives, IDA and NHM are jointly envisaging the position of Regional Child Survival Coordinator (RCCSO), in three regions (1- Bhopal Indore & Ujjain), (1- Gwalior & Sagar) and (1-Jabalpur & Rewa). These positions will be essential for Field level supportive supervision, engaging with Regional Health & Family Welfare Training Centres (RHFWTC), ANM/GNM and Nursing training centres.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Government of India has undertaken a pan-India approach to address COVID-19 in country, involving various line Ministries and all States/UT. In line with IDA Country Office programme guidance for response, IDA MP will work to support the State Government of India in minimizing morbidity and mortality due to COVID in the State, and to minimize the disruption of essential services for women and children that may be caused by it. It is envisaged that most of the support to be provided by IDA will rely on existing ‘service delivery platforms’, and that it will be delivered through existing government initiatives therefore contributing not only to COVID-19 preparedness and response, but also to longer term health systems strengthening agenda of GoMP, institutions such as SDMA and partners.


Reporting to the Regional Joint Director with technical coordination with MD NHM, DD Child Health, Immunization, Maternal Health and Nursing and RHFWTCs, the Regional Child Survival Coordinator will closely coordinate with the government counterparts, at state, regional and district level to provide supportive supervision, mentioned initiatives in their respective regions.

The incumbent will work  in close coordination with district and divisional officials under the guidance of Regional Joint Directors, Divisional Commissioners, Deputy Director Maternal, Child Health,  Immunization and Nursing, to strengthen monitoring, mentoring, supportive supervision of key government initiatives like LaQshya, Quality of Care at SNCUs,  Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) at facility and post discharge, WASH in Health facilities, SNCU follow up at facility and community, Child death reviews, facility based paediatric care- PICUs, Paediatric wards,  Home Based Young Child Care (HBYC), pneumonia diarrhoea skills based trainings and post training mentoring, Roll out of SAANS, Capacity Building Initiative for routine immunisation (CBI RI), Intensified Mission Indradhanush (IMI), Effective Vaccine Management,  tribal and urban immunization, coordination with Regional Health and Family Welfare Training Centres (RHFWTC) and post training mentoring for management of childhood illnesses, like pneumonia and diarrhoea.

Key Deliverables:
(A) Maternal & New born Health-

(1) Coordinate and facilitate LaQshya certification of health facilities; ensure completion of MLR reports as per LaQshya checklist (LR and OT scores) for medical colleges, district hospitals and CHC/PHC with more than 100 deliveries per month in Alirajpur, Jhabua, Barwani and Bhopal districts;
(2) Ensure SNCU QI facilitation and monitoring, including ensuring facilitation of QI teams and follow up mentoring reports;
(3) Support HBYC implementation in select districts including training reports, monitoring reports, training quality reports and supportive supervision reports and reports for facility/community follow up of SNCU graduates; support in roll out of new MCP card in select district;
(4) Quality monitoring at select Health and wellness centres, JSSK utilisation, coordination with GNM/ANM nursing, adolescent health monitoring, social indicators at SNCUs- female admissions, birth spacing, tracking and monitoring teenage pregnancies, KMC, ANC steroids in LR, training quality monitoring FBNC, HBYC, KMC, and post training mentoring of facilities;
(5) Ensure monthly/ quarterly CDR, MDR and perinatal death reviews at select districts with feedback to CMHO and follow up on action points;
(6) Ensure completion of quarterly WASH assessment in select districts including all medical colleges, district hospitals, CHCs and all PHCs Cs with delivery load more than 100 per month;
(7) Ensure training quality with monitoring for Skills stations at RHFWTC and at district level for HBYC, CBI RI, PPD skills management, KMC, SNCU follow up, LaQshya, WASH in Health practices at facilities;
(8) Monitoring of SNCUs, NBSUs, NBCCs for newer interventions, Vit K, Inj GM, KMC, ANC Steroids;
(9) Provide technical support for functionalisation of AFHCs and addressing the issue of child marriage by developing district action plans for adolescent empowerment.

(B) Routine Immunization & Cold Chain-
(1) Provide technical support to the concerned districts, divisions and State RI Cell for strengthening of CBI RI,IMI and Cold chain monitoring,  with regular feedback to state, divisional and district and sub district officials; ensure completion of CBI RI checklist of at least 10 CBI RI trainings cum review per month each in Alirajpur and Jhabua;
(2) Strengthen implementation and reporting of second dose of measles and newer vaccines;
(3) Facilitate PIP exercises/ planning at district level for RI and for MI/IMI in select districts;
(4) Follow up with the preparation, review and implementation of CBI RI, RI micro plans, outreach session plans, RI supervision plans and AVD plans;
(5) Support monitoring of new vaccine introductions, and ensure communication and cold chain monitoring of sample cold chain points and session sites and villages; facilitate the district planning and reporting for RI;
(6) Support activities for strengthening communication & behaviour change for RI;
(7) Facilitate and support the planning and implementation of tribal immunization strategy in select districts;
(8) Coordinate & facilitate trainings of Health Workers, Medical Officers, Supervisors, vaccinators, Cold Chain Handlers and Cold Chain Technicians in the areas of RI and Cold Chain with assurance of quality;
(9) Coordinate and support data validation initiatives of the state;
(10) AEFI reporting, Epidemic reporting and Investigations and review meetings;
(11) Ensure regular cold chain point monitoring using standard checklist and submission of at least 5-6 checklists per month from select districts of the region;
(12) Provide support for EVM assessment and to follow up of EVM improvement plan and strengthening implementation of NCCMIS & eVIN; ensure NCCMIS monthly report generation with feedback to all districts in the region; support in district reviews using S4i dashboards and monitor data quality in ANMOL app;
(13) Participate in state, divisional and district review meetings on immunization performance with quality data analysis and feedback;
(14)  Ensure establishment of RI concurrent monitoring system in a phase wise manner with strengthening supportive supervision at all level including data entry & analysis of reports for all districts; ensure RI supportive supervision of at least 5-6 cold chain points/ session sites/ house to house with feedback reports to districts and follow up on improvement;
(15) Develop and maintain a quality assurance mechanism in reporting by data validation/ triangulation exercises for RI;
(16) Generate monthly RI monitoring reports for all the districts and share with districts officials with follow up on improving quality & coverage of RI sessions; prepare quarterly supervision dashboards for each district and provide feedback to the DIO;
(17) Promote and monitor use of Beneficiary Due List and tally sheet and updating the services taken by the beneficiary in the RCH portal to address drop outs and left outs.

(C) Childhood Illnesses - Pneumonia & Diarrhea Management-

(1) Ensure development and implementation of a costed IAPPD plan for all districts in the region;
(2) Undertake supportive supervision visits for pneumonia diarrhea management using standard checklist for 5-6 health facilities each month and provide feedback to districts for corrective action;
(3) Regularly monitor E Aushadhi software and prepare monthly district dashboards for stock reviews to ensure availability of ORS & Zn at all level;
(4) Ensure use of ORS & Zn in diarrhea management at facility & community level through field visits and validation;
(5) Support planning and monitoring of IDCF/ Dastak Abhiyaan in select districts and prepare feedback reports for the districts;
(6)  Ensure VHND monitoring for session quality through joint visits and provide feedback reports to districts;
(7) Support and facilitate capacity building activities for pneumonia diarrhea management; coordinate with RHFWTCs for skill based PDM training participation and prepare monthly training quality reports; undertake post training mentoring visits;
(8) Monitor Diarrhoea Pneumonia Skills based trainings, Stock and supply status as per INAP and IAPPD;
(9) Training quality monitoring- IMNCI-FIMNCI, Paediatric wards and PICU monitoring, post training mentoring of facilities;
(10) Ensure convergence with HBYC and MCP card roll out and implementation;
(11) Support IEC/BCC activities to increase awareness & use of ORS- Zn within community, including follow up on training and use of new MCP cards;
(12) Undertake prescription audits in select districts with review of at least 50 prescriptions per month and feedback to district on key findings;
(13) Support implementation of TECK project for diarrhoea management Skills based training and mentoring of PPD interventions under the Protect, Prevent, Treat Framework;
(14) Support and coordinate for facility WASH assessment;
(15) Ensure intersect oral coordination for achieving better program results.


(D) Emergency preparedness and response including COVID-19-
(1)  Support incorporation of emergency preparedness and response planning (including COVID-19) in district plans, capacity development of district and block teams, development of communication strategy, monitoring and review;
(2) As part of LaQshya, WASH and IAPPD training and assessment, give special focus on ensuring services to women, children and young adults in Emergency preparedness and response including COVID-19;
(3) Supporting health department’s response for Emergency preparedness and response including COVID-19 including district meetings, inter-departmental meetings;
(4) Undertake gap assessment for ensuring isolation/ quarantine preparedness, facility gap analysis;
(5) Co-ordinate and facilitate Emergency preparedness and response including COVID-19 Trainings and monitor training quality of cascade trainings;
(6) Conduct capacity needs assessment, planning, monitoring for Emergency preparedness and response including COVID-19;
(7) Ensure risk communication planning for Emergency preparedness and response including COVID-19.


Qualification and Experience:
(1) Applicant must have a Post Graduate degree in Community Medicine/ Public Health/ Pediatrics/ Family medicine or equivalent with one years’ experience of program management/ RI;
Applicant must be Graduate in alternate Systems of Medicine (BPT/BHMS/BDS/BAMS) with Post Graduate Diploma in Health Management/Health Administration/ RCH management or equivalent with 8-12 years of experience of working closely in field of Public Health/ Immunization;
(2) District/ State level experience of working in the area of RMNCHA, maternal, newborn, child health and immunization is desirable.


SAMS invites applications till June 11, 2020 as per the revised specs, for the position, as below:

Qualification and Experience:
(1) Applicant must have a Post Graduate degree in Community Medicine/ Public Health/ Pediatrics/ Family medicine or equivalent with one years’ experience of program management/ RI with two to three years of experience in RMNCHA at district or regional level (Preferable);
(2) Graduate in alternate systems of Medicine (BPT/ BHMS/ BDS/ BAMS) with Post Graduate Diploma in Health Management/ Health Administration/ RCH management or equivalent with four to eight years of experience of working closely in the field of Public Health/ Immunization/ RMNCHA program;

(3) Graduate in Social Work/ PG in Social work/ Graduation with Post Graduate Diploma or Degree in Hospital/ Health Administration/ with six to eight years of experience in health systems strengthening in RMNCH+A programs (RMNCHA implementation, monitoring and supportive supervision) at block or district level;
(4) District/ State level experience of working in the area of RMNCHA, maternal, newborn, child health and immunization is desirable.

Skills and Competencies:
(1) Ability to plan and monitor activities at district, regional or state level;
(2) Good track record of credibility, trust and honesty;
(3) Must be willing to travel extensively in the various districts and divisions and State. If needed for inter-state workshops and review meetings;
(4) Knowledge of English and Hindi languages;
(5) Knowledge of MS Office and statistical software like Epi Info, SPSS, etc is essential.

5. ESTIMATED TRAVEL: Approximately 18 days in a month for the achievement of the listed deliverables.


The RCSC shall be hired on a consultancy contract through Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd. (SAMS), a respected HR Agency.


Remuneration payable to the selected candidate in the form of professional fees shall be attractive and in alignment with market norms.

Applicants are required to provide details of salary history, as well as expected remuneration for the position, in the online application form.


(1) The above elements shall be a key input into the selection and negotiation process;
(2) Candidates are expected to have their own laptops and be internet connected and these items shall not be provided.


(1) One vacancy based in Bhopal (for Bhopal and Indore Regions);
(2) One vacancy based in Gwalior (for Ujjain, Gwalior and Sagar Regions;

(3) One vacancy based in Jabalpur (for Jabalpur and Rewa Regions)

9. DURATION: The successful candidate shall be issued a consultancy contract from the date of joining till December 31, 2020.



Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd.
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New Friends Colony, New Delhi 110 025
Phone Nos.: 011- 2684 2162; 4165 3612 


Eligible candidates interested in the position are requested to apply using the by or before June 11, 2020.