District Manager (Foundational Literacy & Numeracy) (Two Vacancies)

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District Manager (Foundational Literacy & Numeracy) (Two Vacancies)
The Education Alliance, Districts of Madhya Pradesh

1. POSITION(S) VACANT: District Manager (Foundational Literacy & Numeracy) (Two Vacancies), The Education Alliance, Districts of Madhya Pradesh


The Education Alliance (TEA) is a non-profit organisation registered in India to catalyse quality transformations in the public-school system through strategic partnership support.

TEA aims to build an ecosystem in which governments can strategically partner with mission oriented non-profit educational organisations to deliver high quality education. TEA’s goal is to empower government schools to create the next generation of leaders by transforming the quality of education offered in these schools. A high-quality education for every child in India would call for a system that is accountable, collaborative and equitable.

TEA sets up a Project Management Unit (PMU) to support the state education departments to partner more strategically with non-state actors and to design and deliver programmes with the objective of building governments’ own capacity to sustain these initiatives post the exit of external partners.

TEA currently has two ongoing programs in Delhi and Tamil Nadu:

In Delhi, TEA’s partnership with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation commenced in 2015 and has been formally recognized by the government as “School Quality Enhancement Program (SQEP)” where non-profits engage with government schools in a whole school turnaround model. The program is currently impacting +5,300 students in 18 schools supported by eight NGO partners.

In Tamil Nadu, TEA has been partnering with the Samagra Shiksha since 2018 for supporting the state in management and governance of its partnership with non-profit organisations. In this engagement, TEA has been working with the state to put together processes through the lifecycle of State-NGO interactions resulting in a more efficient and effective engagement.

In order to deliver the goals, TEA engages in five broad areas of work viz. dialogue with governments to design the frameworks for intervention, identify high-quality and mission-aligned non-profit partners for program content and delivery, set-up a project management unit to implement the program, conduct research to test the efficacy of the model and build system’s capacity to sustain the intervention.

For more information about The Education Alliance, please visit http://www.theeducationalliance.org/

About TEA’s proposed program in the state of Madhya Pradesh on Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN Program):

TEA is currently in preparation to start working with the State of Madhya Pradesh on strengthening its Foundational Literacy & Numeracy in grades 1 and 2. The program has been currently conceptualised as a three-year engagement with the state, with likelihood of further extension. TEA will set up a PMU within the education department to support the state in designing and implementation of program for early grades. This will include selection of partners for content development, teacher training, etc., setting performance benchmarks and instituting a system for assessments to ensure embedding of this program within the education delivery system. 

The FLN project in Madhya Pradesh has been conceptualised and is being funded by Central Square Foundation. The FLN program will be delivered along with a consortium of partners including Room to Read for literacy and Sol’s Arc for numeracy.


Working closely with the Operations Manager (FLN) and State Head (FLN), the District Manager(s) shall be responsible for engaging with the respective district education department of Madhya Pradesh. S/He will support the Operations Manager in design of the program, execution, coordination with various stakeholders (government and non-profit partner) and delivering on a roadmap for building government capacity to sustain the impact and interventions from the program.

The District Manager will be responsible for the entire FLN intervention in his / her district and will have the following specific key roles and responsibilities:

Key Job Responsibilities:

(A) Support Program Strategy and Approach
(1) Support Operations Manager and external partners’ team on designing program strategy and creating an action plan with specific inputs from the district;
(2) Co-design actionable implementation plan for the district with clear timeline, budget targets, M&E framework, along with the Operations Manager;
(3) Conduct research and analysis (both quantitative and qualitative) to develop the team’s understanding of system problems, evidence-based solutions and innovations from the district;
(4) Support Operations Manager in adapting program strategy based on on-ground learnings from district.

(B) On-ground implementation and monitoring
(1) Interact with key stakeholders (government departments and officials such as BRCs, etc.) on a day-to-day basis to ensure delivery on program objectives;
(2) Develop strong working relationships with government officials at state and district levels, program partners (external partner), non-profit partners, school principals and teachers;
(3) Review work done by implementation partners, including government officials, to ensure compliance with outcome, budget and timeline targets;
(4) Identify operational bottlenecks and weaknesses, wherever applicable;
(5) Track program progress on key indicators according to the M&E framework;
(6) Report performance on key indicators periodically and on a timely basis.

(C) Communication and Documentation

(1) Documentation and communication of program achievements / outcomes, through concept notes, presentations, reports, etc.;
(2) Preparing and managing documentation related to program implementation e.g. approvals, letters, etc.;
(3) Documentation on on-ground learnings and knowledge received from external partner to support TEA’s internal capacity / knowledge building.


(1) Applicants must have MBA or MPP/MPA;

(2) Candidates with a Bachelors’ degree, accompanied by relevant experience, shall also be considered

(1) Minimum four-five years of experience in on-ground program implementation;
(2) Experiences working with government and in education sector is desirable.

Skills and Competencies

(1) Strong team management skills;
(2) Demonstrated project management and implementation skills;
(3) Demonstrated interpersonal and networking skills;
(4) Demonstrated problem-solving and analytical skills;
(5) Ability to work on tight deadlines;

(6) Demonstrated proficiency in written and oral communication in English and Hindi.


Gross compensation budgeted for the position ranges from Rs. 6 lacs per annum. The offer made to the selected candidate shall be commensurate with qualifications, experience and salary history.

6. LOCATION: Two vacancies based in two districts of Madhya Pradesh



Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd.
1/1B, Choudhary Hetram House, Bharat Nagar 
New Friends Colony, New Delhi 110 025
Phone Nos.: 011- 2684 2162; 4165 3612


Eligible candidates interested in the position are requested to apply using the link by or before April 29, 2020.